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Onion Seed Oil

Botanical name: Allium cepa.

Common name: Onion seeds.

Though it is known as the onion seed oil , the oil does not actually belongs to the onion family . Onion seed oil is one of the immense oil with anti-inflammatory assets. As we all are aware that onions are the major source of sulfur which arouses hair follicles and aids in endorsing healthy hair growth.

Uses of Onion Seed Oil

Historically the Greeks used onion oil to relieve their headaches, parasitic worms, and toothaches, etc. Also, the Egyptians used this seeds in many of their graves to protect the sacred things. Onion seed oil holds of protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Onion seed oil is very beneficial in curing acne marks when mixed with the Japanese camellia Kissi oil in the ratio of 1:6. This oil has got the anti fever, pain alleviating and anti-microbial as well as anti-inflammatory assets. Many physicians recommend using onion seed oil for curing various forms of allergies

Other Uses

  • Turfy onion seed oil can remove stones from the kidney and bladder too when consumed with honey.
  • When it is taken along with milk, it proves very helpful during jaundice.
  • The grinded form when taken with water will be beneficial for hemorrhoids.
  • It helps in reducing gum inflammation and pain when stewed in vinegar and then applied to the tooth and gum.
  • The fine powdered form is also efficient for cataracts only when applied at the early stages.
  • It also cures the several skin disorders and cures earache.

Benefits Of Onion Seed Oil

Skin Nourishment

  • Onion seed oil has anti-aging and antioxidant possessions that facilitate maintain the skin fit and shimmering naturally.
  • This oil reduces melanin fabrication in the corpse and thus aids alleviate skin shade naturally.
  • The oil will actually lucid the face from acne and fungus, simply making your skin tone lighter which in turn makes you appear fresh.

Cures Digestive Disorders: Onion seed oil helps marvelously in maintaining a good digestive system. If you devour the onion seed oil, it guarantees that your digestive structure is resistant to numerous disorders.

How It Helps?

  • Owed to its antimicrobial assets, onion seed oil aids to slay off intestinal parasites.
  • Thus, it helps extravagance diarrhea logically.

Cures Fever : Due to its antimicrobial and pain relieving attributes , it helps in alleviating fever and body ache as well .

Heal Wounds: The onion seed oil also assists in healing wounds. The Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial material goods of onion seed oil facilitate to struggle bacterial or fungal contagions.
Help In Breathing : The onion seed oil clears out  from the respiratory zone the illness and therebyfacilitates proper breathing. It possesses the aromatic strong healing assets which aids in curing breathing problems.
Controls Blood Sugar:  It upholds the sugar level in the body.

How It Helps?

It diminishes increasing sugar levels in the blood and assists in mounting insulin substance in the blood.

Restrains Cancer:  This oil facilitates to avoid and delight cancer unsurprisingly. Onion seed oil has been set up extremely efficient in fighting stomach and colon cancer.

Helps in Reducing Weight : It has the capability to limit hunger and thus helps in weight beating physically. It also assists to control cholesterol levels in the blood and incorporation of glucose in the intestine. Hence, habitual utilization of onion seed oil is cooperative in weight slaughter.

Side Effects Of Onion Seed Oil:  The only ill effect that this seed oil possesses is about the unforeseen skin reactions. In some uncommon cases, it causes dosing

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