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Ajwain Oil

Botanical Name: Trachyspermum ammi

Family Name: Apiaceae

Common Name: Ajwain

Part used: Seeds

Blends Well With: Parsley, Sage, Thyme


What is Ajwain Oil

Ajwain is a common kitchen ingredient and is used frequently in Indian cuisine. Popularly known by the name carom seeds, ajwain originates from the Middle East, Pakistan, and India.


Uses &  Benefits of Ajwain Oil


Cholera & Diarrhea

Two to three drops of ajowan oil are used in the treatment of cholera and diarrhea


Muscle Spasms and Body ache: This oil is used in ear drops for earaches, body massage oil, and in providing relief from cramps, muscle spasms, and arthritis.


Toothpastes And Tootache Medicine: The aqueous solution of thymol is a primary constituent in toothpastes and mouthwashes. The oil prevents bad breath and thymol from the seeds server as effective mouthwash. When chewed along with fennel seeds, ajowan seeds prevent bad breath. The oil aids in healing painful throat, in gripe water preparation, an antiseptic, and as a tranquilizer for tooth aches, whooping cough.


Skin Infections Healer: Ajwain oil is used in wound cleaning and treating skin infections. Ajowan leaves are crushed and applied on infections while thymol in the seeds is a well known fungicide and germicide.


Ashtmatic Issues: The essential of ajwain is useful in bronchial pneumonia and other respiratory ailments.


For Migraine Pain: Ajwain oil contains the antidiuretic effect and  is used in treating emphysema, migraine and rheumatic pains.


Home Remedy For Indigestion: Ajwain is widely used as a spice in curries, used along with other spices and condiments, in pan mixtures, as a household remedy for indigestion.

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