Aloe Vera Gel (Transparent)

Botanical Name: Aloe Barbadensis, Aloe Indica, Aloe Barbados, Aloe Vera

Family Name: Xanthorrhoeceae

Common Name: Indian Alces, Barbados Aloe, Curcao Aloe, Lu Hui, Kumari, Ghirita, Gawarpaltra

Part used: Leaves

Aloe vera is a succulent plant with thick, fleshy, serrated, lanceolate-shaped leaves of green-greyish color. Aloe vera inner gel is obtained from the lower leaves of the plant by slicing the leaf open. The gel is clear, odorless, and tasteless and should be free of leaf skin or yellow parts.

Skin disorders and wrinkles : When our aloe vera gel is applied to the skin it gently relieves inflammation and pain and also rejuvenates sun-aged skin.

Burns and other wounds: The aloe sap fights all number of bacterial infections by activating immune cells that combats the  bacterial infections and provide stimulation to  blood circulation and thus allowing burns to heal completely and cleanly. Aloe gel has the ability to act as mild anesthetic which helps in relieving swelling, pain and itching. The gel also repairs damaged cells and prevent burning of scars. Moreover several clinical studies have shown that aloe Vera treated cuts and wounds treated with aloe gel heal faster than those that are treated with chemical antiseptic gels. Also effective is aloe vera gel is in insect bites, psoriasis and curing blisters.  It acts as moisturizer and magnificently restores skin's natural beauty.

Detoxification: Our Aloe gel cures in the cleaning of the digestive system removing intestinal tract from toxins.  The enzymes found in the aloe gel stimulate the production of blood cells and improves the blood circulation as reported by the American Chronicle.

Acne Cure: Because aloe gel plant has anti-inflammatory properties so our alo gel vastly helps in curing pimple and acne problems. Our aloe Vera gel reduces skin redness and heals the scars to a great extent. Our alo gel when combined with wheat- germ oil and safflower flower also heals bruises.

Hair & Scalp: Our Aloe gel helps to cure dermatitis, dandruff and hair loss . Market hair gels should be substituted with our aloe gel for hair styling and easy combing.

Periodontal Care: Our also gel when it is applied directly to damaged gums it alleviates pain and inflammation.

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