Geranium Oil

Chemical Name : Pelargonium gravelens

Genital Name: Geraniaceae

Popular Name: Geranium oil

Part used: Leaves and stalks

Blends Well With:  Carrot seed oil, Myrrh, Galbanum, Patchouli.

Uses & Benefits

For female if you are suffering from incessant menstruation cramps then you can mix geranium oil with carrier oils to get relief from this pain, for this massage should be done outwardly on the tummy.

It is used in treatment of menstruation cramps.

It is also helpful in relaxing bodies.

It relieves anxiety and hinders overemotional feelings.

Used in  aromatherapy as it balances mind and emotions, it balances hormones and stops hormonal imbalance too. It is also used to cure the injuries and wounds.

This oil is used in body lotions to avoid skin dryness

Geranium essential is a good aid to remove excess water from the body. It is a good astringent too but prohibited for a pregnant woman.

It can be used in body lotions to control the oil and dryness of the skin.

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