Amla Herbal Oil

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Amla is known as Gooseberry,Phyllanthus Emblica, Emblic, Emblic Myrobalan, and Dhatrik. Most people are most familiar with the name of Gooseberry for Amla. Amla Oil is traditionally made by immersing dried Amla fruit in oil. For the base oils usually coconut oil, mineral oil, or sesame oil are used.

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Botanical Name: Emblica officinalis
Family Name: Phyllanthaceae
Common Name: Indian Gooseberry
Part used: Fruit
Blends Well With: Carrier oil

What is Amla Oil : If we want to know what is Amla oil is then we will have to know how it is prepared. Actually when amla fruit is cut into small pieces, dried and boiled in coconut oil, the oil then turns dark in color, and this dark oil is known as Amla Oil.

Commonly known Benefits.

Laxative: When you insipid our amla oil along with a glass of juice or milk it greatly eases constipation. It prevents aging to a certain level and cures wrinkles as well.

Scalp Benefits: Our amla oil is widely used as a natural conditioner which makes the hair stronger, thicker and also provides adequate nourishment to the hair. Furthermore, our amla oil eases your sleep by soothing your scalp when applied and massaged gently to the hair.

If your hair are prematuring or you are facing balding then our amla can help you tremendously in figting with both of these problems.

Therapeutic massage: In the realm of Ayurvedic massage, oil is an effective lubricant and nourishes the skin. It provides cooling effect while massaged onto forehead, cheekbones and temples.

Scalp massaging enhances the flow of oxygen to the brain relaxing the nervous system and improving brain cell development.

Eye ailments: Amla oil with honey helps in preserving eye sight and reduces intraocular tension. It improves cataract and nearsightedness.

Hair tonic: Pure amla oil can be applied on wet hair immediately. The oil strengthens hair roots, stimulates hair growth, prevents split ends, and restores the dark pigmentation to grey hair. In the commercial market, amla oil is used in the preparation of various hair care preparations.

The oil is widely used in hot countries like India and some neighboring countries to prevent stress and fatigue in tropical conditions.

Our Amla oil acts a powerful antioxidant and studies have shown that the our oil Our amla oil also possesses anti-cancer properties including free radical functions. It includes health enhancement,blood clotting, as a blood sugar regulator, lowers cholesterol, effective remedy for blood impurities and and combats hyperacidity and ulcers.

Amla oil is a well-known rejuvenator with thousand years of tradition.

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