Carrot Seed Oil

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Carrot seed essential oil is a very well known name in the vast world of essential oils and turfy provides you the best carrot seed oil in the market and it is so much popular because of the range of health benefits it gives you. Carrot seed essential oil is safe for consumption and skin use.

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Botanical Name: Daucuscarota
Family Name: Apiaceae
Common Name: Wild Carrot seed
Part used: Seeds
Blends Well With: Lime, Sandalwood, Lavender

Carrot Seed Oil Benefits

Skin Nourishment

Carrot seed oil can do your skin wonders when applied . Turfy carrort seed oil cures extreme skin conditions such as eczema, ulcers, weeping sores, psoriasis, acne, deals very well with fine lines and wrinkles and hence nourishing the skin. The anti oxidant properties of carrot seed oil repair skin damage caused by free radicals thereby preventing wrinkles , greying hair and stiff joints .

When used in hair, Carrot Seed Oil is known to deeply condition the scalp and hair to repair split ends and contribute soothing relief from dehydration and irritation, such as itchiness caused by harmful bacteria, fungus, and dandruff. In the same way that it tones the skin it also works as a tonic for the strands. Applied to hair that appears or feels dull or damaged, it restores hair health and luster.

Medicinal Use
Turfy carrot seed oil helps to reduce lower blood pressure when its used medicinally . It also helps in the quick healing of infected skin and wounds .
Carrort seed oil helps your body to boost up against viral infections , common cold , cough , flu , sore throats when it is inhaled .
It cleanses the kidneys, soothes kidney stones discomfort, and eases menstruation to promote regularity and to make it painless . At postnatal the use of Carrot Seed Essential Oil is known to help women produce breast milk. When it is applied to scrapes, cuts, and minor injuries, Carrot Seed Oil has got antiseptic qualities which helps in preventing bacteria from infecting the site of the wound hence preventing further negative responses in the body.
Carrot Seed Oil is reputed to provide relief from abdominal discomfort such as bloating, menstrual cramps, indigestion, and water retention.

Skin Benefits
Regular use of Carrot Seed Essential Oil on the dry and cracked skin can result in the softening of calluses, the faster healing of scars, the calming of irritation, and the fading of redness and unwanted marks such as age spots.
Carrot seed oil is widely used in facial massages, body massages, facial cleansers, and facial masks.

Use As Sunscreen
Carrot seed oil has got sunscreen qualities and turfy provides with the best carrot seed oil in the market.
To soothe skin that has been damaged by overexposure to the sun, combine 5 drops of Carrot Seed Essential Oil with ¼ cup of Aloe Vera Gel inside a 120 ml (4 oz.) amber glass jar. This soothing salve can be smoothed over the area of skin that has been affected by a sunburn.

Potential Side Effects
Carrot Seed Essential Oil can cause vomiting and convulsions as possible side effects , So It is recommended that the user remain indoors for at least 48 hours after the oil is applied directly to skin, as it may potentially cause skin sensitivity upon sun exposure, a condition that is also known as photosensitivity.
Pregnant and nursing women and those taking prescription drugs are especially advised not to use this product without the medical advice of a physician. The oil should always be stored in an area that is inaccessible to children, especially those under the age of 7.

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